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Gusseted Plastic Angle Bracket (pack of 10)   Gusseted Plastic Angle Bracket (pack of 10)

Here's a very lightweight 3/4" by 3/4" plastic gusseted angle bracket. We use these a lot in our various kits to mount things like servos to bases. Made of nearly unbreakable high density polyethylene, this bracket is mounted using #4 to #8 screws (not included). You can also drill out the hole if needed for 1/4"-20 fasteners.

Note the gusset that adds support and strength to this angle bracket. Though very lightweight -- just a few grams -- these are about as strong as steel brackets of the same size.

Sold in convenient packs of 10.

Price: $1.29


Wide 2   Wide 2" Gusseted Plastic Angle Bracket (pack of 8)

Just like our standard gusseted plastic angle brackets, but 2" wide, for those jobs where you need extra, extra stength. Four pre-drilled holes for #4 to #8 screws.

Comes in packs of 8.

Price: $1.29


Metal Angle Brackets (8 pack)   Metal Angle Brackets (8 pack)

Here's a convenient package of 8 (eight) small plated-steel metal brackets, at about half the price of similar sized brackets at the hardware store. Their rounded ends make them more attractive than the typical metal bracket.

Width is 3/8"; thickness is 1/16" (approximately 16 guage), and therefore very strong. The L-shape has slightly uneven dimensions: 11/16" in one direction ("leg"), and 5/8" in the other. Pre-drilled for #8 screws. The slightly longer leg has a 5/16" long slot.

We use these brackets in a number of out kits. Weight is a low 2.6 grams each.

Price: $1.19


Aluminum/Nylon Risers, Set of Four   Aluminum/Nylon Risers, Set of Four

Aluminum and nylon threaded risers, complete with nylon or steel machine screws. In sets of four (four risers, eight screws). Materials chosen for their strength and light weight. Select from among several popular lengths.

1" Aluminum

  • 0.250" round standoffs (4)
  • 8-32 threads
  • 8-32 x 1/2" nylon screws (8)
  • Total weight: 0.2 oz (6g)
1.25" Aluminum
  • 0.250" hex standoffs (4)
  • 6-32 threads
  • 6-32 x 1/2" nylon screws (8)
  • Total weight: 0.4 oz (10g)
2.5" Aluminum
  • 0.250" hex standoffs (4)
  • 8-32 threads
  • 8-32 x 1/2" black oxide screws (8)
  • Total weight: 0.8 oz (22g)
1.25" Nylon
  • 0.250" hex standoffs (4)
  • 4-40 threads
  • 4-40 x 1/2" steel screws (8)
  • Total weight: 0.1 oz (4g)



2-way Machine Framing Connector   2-way Machine Framing Connector

2-way machine framing connector. You need 4 to make a frame. Fits square aluminum tubing with a 0.878" I.D. (inside diameter). Will fit 0.875" tubing very tightly; larger diameters may require fasteners to keep the connector in place.


Connector measures 2.15" on each leg, and is 1" at its widest. Square stems insert 1.1" into tubing. Made of very durable and nearly unbreakable black high density polyethylene.

Price: $10.40

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