About Budget Robotics

Budget Robotics was created by Gordon McComb, author of the best-selling book Robot Builder's Bonanza, Fourth Edition (McGraw-Hill, 2011). This book is an update to the original classic, Robot Builder's Bonanza, first published in 1987. We are proud that many tens of thousands of robot builders got their start with these books.

The purpose of our family-run business is to provide low-cost parts and kits to the amateur robot builder. Our emphasis is on affordability. Robotics need not be expensive, and our carefully-selected product line is designed to save you money while enhancing your robot building experience. Our products are inexpensive, not cheap!

Budget Robotics is not out to take over the world of amateur robotics. We limit ourselves to providing simple, low-cost alternatives for the core components of robot building. If we can't provide a product at a reasonable savings, we won't offer it. We're glad to refer you to another company that provides these parts.

Our robot kits and base modules are designed and manufactured by us, using state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment. We go to lengths to ensure our kits and bases are compable with a variety of commonly available motors and other components. In this way, you're free to chose the parts you wish to use in your robots, including those you may already have in your garage. This saves you money.

Our production and manufacturing offices are located in sunny Southern California, in the seaside community of Oceanside. Sorry...we don't offer tours, but we're always glad to tell about the weather!

We're always keen to hear from our fellow robot enthusiasts. Feel free to send us feedback, or suggest products.

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