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(Masters Series)

Expandaed tank base with heavy-duty plastic articulated treads.

(Masters Series)

Rugged 4WD -- "all-terrain" expandable robot body.

(Masters Series)

Large inverting tank (can flip over and still run!) -- measures 12 inches long by 7" wide.

(Masters Series)

Rubber-tread drive with dyanmic skid for turns.


Expandable 7-inch round robot, two drive wheels. Twin nylon skids for balance. Double decks for more mounting space.

Tankbot Servo

Modified servo-driven treaded tank. Extra deck for mounting microcontroller.

DC motor-driven treaded tank. Extra deck for mounting electronics.

Expandable 7-inch octagonal robot, two drive wheels. Single seivel caster for support. Now with three decks!

Servo-operated gripper and wrist kits. Mechanical parts only, or with four servos.

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