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RJ11 6-pin jack, with pigtails, 4 for $1

Use this RJ11/RJ25 6-pin jack for making quick connections on your robot. Works with a 6-pin plug. These are the same as ordinary telephone jacks, except that have six connection points. Ordinarily this would be to connect up to three telephones, but these days everything is digital, so these kinds of jacks are more useful for making plug-in wiring sets for your bot. You can purchase the plugs with wires attached, or get them separate. A special crimping tool is used to attach the six-lead telephone wire to the plug.

The jacks come with pigtail leads that measure approximately 12" long. The jacks are made for press-fitting into a panel, but you can mount them to the side of your robot using glue, double-sided tape, Velcro, or other means.

You get 4 (four) for $1.00. Such a deal! Limited quantities available.

SKU Number: RJ-150
Price: $1.00 

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