Privacy Policy

Web Site Privacy
Except for a client-side cookie used to track selected items in a shopping cart, and billing/shipping data you provide when ordering products from us, this site does not use, record, or distribute information or buying habits gathered from visitors. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • "Stealth e-mail," where visitor's e-mail names are covertly captured and stored for unauthorized use, sale, or rental.
  • File log tracking, where files downloaded by one IP or domain are tracked.
  • Unsolicited mailings ("spam"), where Internet users receive mass-mailed e-mail messages without their permission.

All e-mail sent to the administrator/owner of this site is considered confidential. E-mail addresses are never sold or rented to others.

See Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3) Project for more information about Internet and World Wide Web privacy.

Personal Information Privacy
In the course of selling and shipping to you products that you order from us, we collect and retain specific personal information that you provide. This information includes only that data required by law, by our credit card merchant bank, and by the shipping carrier. This information is transmitted to us via a secure (SSL) link, and temporarily stored on computers behind a secure firewall.

Your credit card is authorized manually, using a telephone terminal, not by this server.

Once the information has been processed (e.g. the order has been sent), it is deleted from the server. Only a paper record, stored at our offices, is retained. This paper record is required by the credit card merchant bank, and by our shipping carriers.

All customer data is destroyed after one year.

Use by Minors (as required by US law)
Budget Robotics does not sell products through this Web site for purchase by children. For the purpose of making purchases by mail this site is intended to be used solely by adults.

We assume that if you use a credit card to purchase products from us that you are not under 18. If you order from us and are under 18, you may use this site only with the involvement of a parent or guardian. If you do not place an order from us, you can be any age you like, as we do not collect any personal information from you in this instance.

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