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.NET-Related Robotics

Microcontrollers, Programmers, and Microcontroller Programming Software

  • Arduino -- Open source microcontroller board design well suited for robotics.
  • Parallax -- Popular BASIC Stamp, plusPropeller and other products.
  • New Micros -- Indepth product line for the engineer and serious tinkerer.
  • Bascom AVR -- Feature-rich compiler for AVR microcontrollers.
  • Circuit-ED -- Complete development boards for AVR, PIC, and other controllers.
Other Nifty Robotics Things!

  • Robotics Universe -- Gordon's personal robotics page.
  • Building Gadgets -- My co-author on the book Electronics for Dummies offers even more wacky and fun project plans.
  • FlockBots -- Experiments in swarm robotics. Uses Budget Robotics bases!
  • RoboRealm -- RoboRealm is a free application for use in machine vision, image analysis, and robotic vision systems.
  • Let's Make Robots -- Active community site with forums and articles on robotics.
  • Ranchbots -- One man's journey into robot land. Interesting hacks of some of our products, plus some useful PostScript code for generating shaft encoder codewheels.
  • Pololu Electronics -- Inexpensive electronics for your bot, including some low-cost H-bridges that work with our Tankbot and other DC-motor-based robots.
  • Nuts & Volts/SERVO Magazine -- Home page of two excellent hobby electronics magazines.
  • Reynold Electronics -- Electronic kits and projects for robots.
  • Chuck McManis -- Expert roboteer. Includes nice transistor-based H-bridge design.

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