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Servo Turret--for Ultrasonic and Infrared Sensors

You get all the mechanical parts to make a compact and affordable servo-controlled rotating sensor turret. Designed for the popular Sharp GP2-series of infrared sensors, and the Parallax Ping and Devantech SRF0x ultrasonic ranging sensors. Just add a servo and the sensor and you're off!


  • Custom-made PVC plastic parts -- plastic won't "ring" at high frequencies like metal brackets can
  • Interchangable sensor mounting boards - included sensor mounting board works with Ping/Devantech ultrasonic or Sharp GP2-series infrared sensor
  • Rubber grommet shock mounts attach the ultrasonic sensor to the turret -- helps reduce microphonic interference
  • All assembly hardware

Add your own Futaba-compatible servo.
Mount your turret using standoffs
and other hardware you provide.

Optional alternate sensor mounting boards allow you to to combine an infrared and ultrasound sensor on one unit. We also provide a "blank" sensor mounting board in either of two sizes if you want to attach your own custom sensor to the turret. Small board measures approx. 1" x 2"; the large board 2" x 2"). The PVC plastic is easy to drill.

Please note: Hardware to mount your servo to your robot is NOT included. Futaba-compatible servo is NOT included. Infrared/ultrasonic sensors are NOT included. Sensors are available from a variety of sources, and generally cost from $10 to $35 each, depending on type.

SKU Number: TURRET-100
Price: $4.99 

Servo Parts Bulk Pack (12 per pack!) - Product Image
Servo Parts Bulk Pack (12 per pack!)

Here's a great way to save on those extra servo parts you need. We've packaged an assortment of the most needed parts in bulk packs of 12. The horns are for Futaba spline standard size servos. These include Futaba, GWS, Parallax, and several other brands.The mounting parts will fit most standard-sized servos regardless of brand.

Choose from:

  • Small X-horn (Futaba spline)
  • Small disc horn (Futaba spline)
  • Double-arm horn (Futaba spline)
  • Star horn (Futaba spline)
  • Servo mounting screw and eyelet (12 each)
  • Heavy-duty grommet
  • Servo horn mounting screw

All items are on clearance, and subject to prior sale.

SKU Number: SRVACC-502
Price: $0.79 
Bulk Pack 

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