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Resistor Color Code Card -- Printed Full Color on Aluminum!

Need help remembering your resistor color codes? (After nearly 45 years in electronics, I admit I need reminding now and then!) Want to introduce someone to the exciting world of electronics? This all-metal resistor color code card makes a durable and convenient pocket reference, ideal for home, work, shop, school ... anywhere!

Each card is printed in full vibrant color with a scratch-resistant coating. The card measures 2" x 3-1/2" and is printed on high quality 0.025" brushed aluminum -- no, not paper or plastic. These won't dog-ear, or get soggy in a puddle of Diet Coke when left on the table.

Put the card in your shirt pocket or find an empty slot in your wallet. Stick a magnet strip on the back and hang it on the metal case of your computer, scope, or tool box. Or use double-sided foam tape and tack it anywhere. They even work as bookmarks!

Stick a magnet or double-sided tape on the back
of the resistor color card and put it on on your
toolbox, work bench, even the kitchen refrigerator!

A set of colored rows and columns show you the resistance values for 4- and 5-band resistors, plus tolerance (standard and precision). Looking up or checking a resistance value is as simple as following the color bands left to right.

These resistor color code reference cards are affordably priced, and are perfect as inexpensive gifts, stocking stuffers, and handout material for schools and organizations. Want a card for everyone at work or in class? We offer quantity discounts when buying 25 or more cards. We can even custom imprint the name of your school, business, or club! Send us e-mail if you'd like more information on bulk orders and custom imprinting.

SKU Number: FS-255
Price: $2.49 

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