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  2-Speed DC Gearmotor and Wheel

Build your next bot with this affordable 2-speed DC gearmotor and wheel. The Tamiya motor comes as a kit, and is assembled in under 10 minutes. The gear train is built using either of two available speeds, 203.7:1 (low speed) 58.2:1 (high speed). The motor can be powered by 1.5-6 vdc. Rotation speed depends on gear ratio, voltage, and load, and is in the 60-200 rpm range. Sorry, we do not have torque ratings.

Weight of both the motor and wheel is 2.5oz (about 75 grams). Motor casing measures 2.75" long, by approximatyely 1"x1". The 100mm long hex shaft may be cut to length. Its position within the motor casing is adjustable by way of a set screw. The motor casing has two molded-in mounting tabs, which accept up to #6 machine screws, making this motor and wheel extremely easy to mount to your robot platform.

The balloon sport wheel is 2 1/4" diameter by 1 1/8" wide. The tire is all rubber, and has molded-in soft nubs for extra traction. The one-piece hub is white plastic, and may be painted. Get two motors and mount them opposite one another to provide the classic differential steering arrangement for your robot. Get four motors and construct a powerful 4WD robot bugy!

SKU Number:DCM-120
Price: $8.95

  Hi-Speed DC Gearmotor and Wheel

Super affordable high-speed DC gearmotor and wheel combination. At 4.5 vdc (a common voltage when using an H-bridge at 6 volts) the wheel turns at approximately 300 rpm no load. Speed decreases with load. Current draw is about 1.5 amps with nominal load, and motor speed is approximately 125-150 rpm. This motor is ideal for fast and nimble robots, and speed may be controlled via PWM using a suitable H-bridge controller.


  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 3.4 oz (98 grams)
  • Wheel dimensions: 2.25" diameter, 1.125" wide
  • Wheel material: Rubber

The motor is double-shafted, with a 3/4" shaft protruding on the opposite end of the wheel. Use this shaft to mount a wheel encoder.

The motor may be attached to your robot in a number of ways. For your convenience, we offer a mounting bracket set for attaching the motor to the underside of a robot base.

Optional mount includes two metal brackets,
two 1.75" standoffs, and assorted hardware.

SKU Number:DCM-175

  Box Gearmotor

Powerful box gearmotor with 10-tooth ouput pinion gear, and matching 84-tooth drive gear. At 4.5 vdc speed is approximately 100 rpm, with a current draw of 150 mA. Under nominal load speed decreases to approximately 75 rpm, with a current draw of 250-300 mA. Sorry, we do not have torque ratings.


  • Dimensions (gearbox): 2" x 2.25" x 0.75"
  • Depth including output shafts: 1.5"
  • Weight: 1.2 oz (34 grams)

The drive gear is 1.5" in diameter. Use it for further speed reduction, or attach it to the hub of a wheel -- any tire larger than 1.5" in diameter will do. The motor is double-shafted, with a 2mm x 10mm shaft that protrudes from the side opposite the pinion gear. Use this shaft with an optical encoder, or cut it off if it isn't needed.

Comes with three nylon standoffs and hardware for easy mounting. Surplus, but new.

SKU Number:DCM-210
Price: $3.95

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