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  Miniature Shock Absorber (pair)

Hard-tro-find miniature shock absorber, for wheel-, leg-, and track-based robots. These are ideal for 'bots using "rocker bogie" designs. If you're a radio control car enthusiast, you know how expensive these can be, and how hard it is to find no-frills models such as these. We offer a pair of shocks for a fractrion of what what most R/C shops charge for even one!

Overall length is 1 7/8" inches, including clevis end. Maximum piston distance is 3/8" Comes with 4-40 thread upper mounting hardware (as shown). The plastic is not harmed by machine oil (use just a dab of light machine oil, such as 3-in-One Oil). Clevis end can accept hardware up to #6. Coiled spring provides a "soft" damping tension, suitable for smaller robots. Replaceable spring is 3/8" in diameter by approximately 1 1/4" long.

Price: $2.49

  Dual Cyclic Animatronic Mechanism

Use this unusual twin-cam mechanism to create eyes, ears, and other animated parts for your robot. Rotating a single 5/8" diameter input gear causes two 4" long plastic leafs to flap up and down in unison. Maximum movement distance, measured at the end of the leaf, is 4.5". The plastic leaf material can be cut to length, or replace with a section of thin metal, plastic, or wood.

One idea for this cyclic mechanism is to move animatronic eyes on a humanoid robotic head. As a motor turns the gear, the eyes move up and down or side to side. The mechanism might also be useful as legs or arms in a lightweight BEAM-style robot.

Made of lightweight nylon plastic; weight is a mere 6 grams.

Price: $2.29

  Flexible Plastic Rack Gear

Flexible plastic rack to make a rack-and-pinion gear system. Engages with 48 pitch gears. Use to convert rotary motion -- like from a motor -- to linear motion.

Length: 5 3/4". Width: 1/8". The plastic can be bent to a radius of under 2". May be secured in place with super glue, epoxy, hot glue, or similar adhesive.

Price: $0.50

  Rubber Drive Belt

More than a glorified rubber band, this round flexible rubber drive belt was intended for printer applications, but now is pressed into service to make robots. The circumference of the belt measures 17" unstretched. The belt can stretch by more than 50% (26-28" circumference).

Cross-section diameter of the belt is 1/8". Think of these as really big o-rings! Use with 1/8" pulleys, shafts, and other drive parts. The thickness of the belt also makes these suitable for use as a kind of tread for tank-style robots. Get several and experiment! New.

Price: $0.50

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