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  Pan/Tilt Turret for Devantech SRF0x Ultrasonic Sensors

Complete with two servos, just $31.95!

Same as our standard sensor turret, but with both pan and tilt action. Use your own Devantech sensor module (not included).

Mount the assembly using the supplied nylon standoffs, or with heavy-duty 3M Dual Lock reclosable fastener (included). The turret works with both the SRF04 and SRF08 sensors. Also works with size-compatible sensors from Parallax and others!


  • Quality custom-made ABS plastic parts -- won't "ring" at high frequencies like metal brackets can
  • Rubber grommet shock mounts attach sensor board to the turret -- helps reduce microphonic interference
  • Four nylon standoffs and a paper drilling template for attaching the servo to most any robot base
  • Optional Dual Lock strips if you want a less permanent installation
  • Pan servo: Low-profile, hi-torque (Futaba standard 3-pin plug)
  • Tilt servo: Sub-miniature high-speed (Futaba standard 3-pin plug)
  • All assembly hardware
  • Illustrated assembly instructions, with list of sensor sources

Two servos provide fast and
smooth pan/tilt action.

Our illustrated building guide makes assembly quick and easy. The pan/tilt turret uses only mechanical construction. No tapes or glues (except for the Dual Lock fastener strips, if you chose to use them).

Overall dimensions: 3" front to back, 2 1/4" wide, 2 1/4" tall. The entire unit -- with servos, all hardware, and sensor module -- weighs 3.4 ounces.

SKU Number:TURRET-150
Price: $31.95

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