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  Double O-Wheels (pair)

Same as our popular O-Wheels, but with double o-ring treads. Ideal for larger/heavier robots. Sold in pairs. Offered in 2 1/2" diameter size. Color: black.

The hub is designed for Futaba-splined servos (Futaba, GWS, Parallax, Maxx Products, Balsa Products, Cirrus, etc.).

SKU Number:OWHL-2
Price: $4.99

O-Wheels (pair)   O-Wheels (pair)

O-Wheels are plastic wheels with a 3/16" thick Buna rubber tire tread. The rubber is rated at 70 Durometer -- hard enough that it doesn't easily deform under the weight of the robot, but pliable enough that it provides grip on most any surface.

O-Wheels are designed to directly attach to any Futaba brand servo, or other make of servo that uses the Futaba spline (Futaba, GWS, Cirrus, Balsa Products, and many others). O-Wheels come in kit form, and are assembled in under five minutes. The plastic materials of the wheels are custom-machined by us.

You have a choice of several different diameters, starting at $4.29 per pair, making these among the least expensive servo-hub wheels available. For most tabletop robots, the 2 1/2" diameter wheels are recommended. This is approximately the same diameter as the plastic wheels used on the Parallax Boe-Bot.


Replacement O-Rings for O-Wheels (pair)   Replacement O-Rings for O-Wheels (pair)

Under normal use the o-rings in your O-Wheels should last a long, long time. Should it be necessary, we offer replacement o-rings at far less than industrial supply prices. All are 3/16" thickness, and are made of 70 Durometer Buna rubber.

These are new, commercial-quality o-rings. They are not old surplus. Sold by the pair. Be sure to specify the desired outside diameter.


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