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  2WD/4WD Radio Control Trick Vehicle

INCLUDES 6v battery and recharger!

Unique 3-channel radio control vehicle capable of either 2WD or 4WD operation. See our writeup of the Interstellar RC vehicle in our Radio Control category.

The Interstellar is readily hacked by removing four screws on the bottom of the body. The top cover, which contains the antenna wire loop, then comes off, as shown in the picture. For microcontroller operation, you may remove the RC control board, and substitute it with a suitable controller and H-bridge configuration. The controller should have three motor channels: two motors operate the right and left side drives, and the third motor operates the 2WD changeover gear.

As desired, you can replace the top cover and operate the vehicle as originally designed, only via microcontroller. There is some free room in the "cockpit" area of the vehicle for some additional electronics, such as a small camera.

Or, you may simply leave off the top cover and operate the vehicle without it, or replace the cover with a custom deck piece. The ideal dimensions for the deck piece is approximately 7" by 3 1/4". The deck may be attached using 4-40 screws, or standoffs.

SKU Number:RC-120
Price: $22.95

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