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  All-Rubber Tank Treads

Looking for a set of rubber treads for your next tank robot? Here they are, and at a price that won't send you into shell shock!

You get a pair (2) of 21" long (approx) all-rubber treads, with 14 idler wheels and two drive sprocket assemblies. These are the same treads we use in our Tankbot XL robot base.

The treads measure 3/4" wide, and are approximately 1/8" thick. They are molded as one piece and will not come apart. The rubber is only minimally stretchable. The drive sprocket and idler wheels are 1 1/8" diameter.

The drive sprockets are easy to interface to a wide variety of motors, including standard RC servo motors -- as we have done with the Tankbot XL -- to 3mm shaft motors, and others. The drive sprocket uses teeth to positively engage with the molded-in cogs of the tread. The idlers are grooved to prevent the tracks from slipping off in turns.

These are easy treads to use for most any tracked robot base. New and exclusive to Budget Robotics!

Price: $17.95

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