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Nylon fasteners save weight...lots of it.

If your robot is getting on the heavy side, replace its steel screws, nuts, and washers with these nylon fasteners. All packs come in resealable "zip" style plastic bags.

We buy these fasteners in bulk so we can pass along the savings to you. Our prices are 50-75% less than what most hardware stores charge for nylon fasteners -- when you can find them at all, that is.

Nylon Pan Head Machine Screw (25 pack)   Nylon Pan Head Machine Screw (25 pack)

Nylon pan head machine screws. Your choice of 6-32 x 1/2" (white) or 4-40 x 1" (black). Pack of 25. Compare our prices with the hardware store!

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SKU Number:FAST-NPS-25
Price: $1.93

Nylon Hex Nuts (25 pack)   Nylon Hex Nuts (25 pack)

Hex nuts in natural nylon, in packs of 25.

Price: $1.93

Nylon Cap Nuts (10 pack)   Nylon Cap Nuts (10 pack)

Nylon cap (acorn) nuts, in packs of 10. My local True Value sells these for 41 cents a piece...yikes! So we've made a bulk buy and are offering them for a lot less.

Price: $1.59

6-32 Nylon Fastener Assortment   6-32 Nylon Fastener Assortment

Convenient assortment of 6-32 nylon fasteners, in a flip-top six-compartment plastic case. You get:
  • 50 6-32 x 1/2" slothead screws
  • 25 6-32 x 3/8 slothead screws
  • 50 6-32 hex nuts
  • 15 6-32 cap (acorn) nuts
  • 25 #6 insulator washers
  • Flip-top case

165 pieces total. Comparable hardware store price: about $24.95.

Price: $9.95

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