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Flange-Style Servo Brackets (pair)   Flange-Style Servo Brackets (pair)

Here's the same servo brackets we use in our popular ScooterBot robots. The brackets will fit just about any standard-size servo, such as the Hitec HS-311, GWS S03, Futaba S3003, Balsa Products BP148, Cirrus CS-71, and many others.

These brackets can be mounted most anywhere on the base of your robot. The brackets can also serve double-duty as "risers" for double-deck robots.

The brackets are precision drilled and cut, and are available in a variety of colors. Be sure to pick the color you want. Made with durable but lightweight expanded rigid PVC plastic. Dimensions: 3 3/8" wide by 1 1/4" tall.

Now you can sturdily mount
your servos anywhere!

For each bracket we include two 90-degree angle gussets that secure the bracket to your robot base. These angle gussets are made of nearly unbreakable black high density polyethylene. All very light, but extremely strong! Mounting hardware is included, so you can use these brackets right out of the packaging.

Example mounting on a robot base.

You get a pair of servo brackets, four angle gussets, and a set of 4-40 hardware. Buy several pairs for all your robots!

For a ready-to-go-solution, the hole spacings of the brackets match our 7" base with wheel cutouts, so you don't have to drill a thing. Is this cool or what?!

SKU Number:SRVMT-203
Price: $3.59

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