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  XWheels (pair) -- A Budget Robotics Exclusive!

The Budget Robotics XWheel combines hearty construction with extra "gription" for any floor surface...carpet, tile, hardwood, concrete, you name it! Each wheel is machined out of lightweight but sturdy expanded PVC (available in colors).

The XWheel measures 2 3/8" in diameter, with a tread width of 1/2". Unlike many other robot wheels, the tire tread of the XWheel is NOT a rubber band! The tread is made from durable 1/8" thick polypropylene rubber, and under normal use will likely outlast most of the other mechanical parts on your robot. Should it be necessary, the wheel treads can be cleaned using ordinary isopropyl alcohol. We also offer replacement wheel treads in case you ever need them.

Weight is a measly 0.9 ounces (26 grams), including tire tread and servo mounting horn. The mounting hub of the XWheel is designed to couple with an optical encoder disc (coming soon).

XWheels are designed to fit directly to an R/C servo with a Futaba-compatible spline. This includes servos from Futaba, GWS, Cirrus, Balsa Products, and many others. (For your reference, all of our wheel-based robot kits use servos with Futaba-compatible splines.) However, if you prefer Hitec or Airtronics servos, you may attach your own servo disc to the XWheel horn by drilling new holes. The plastic hub of the XWheel is easily drilled using ordinary hand or electric tools.

XWheels are sold in pairs, and are provided in kit form. All-hardware construction -- no tapes or glues. Choose the "hub cap" color in the pull-down list.

Price: $5.49

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