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  Motorized Tank Infrared Remote Control

This is one of my personal favorites, not only for its high quality, but the ease with which this tank can be hacked to make a fully functional treaded robot. Go to the Radio Control Hackable category for more information on how this tank may be used to build an expandable robot base.

Some basics first: The tank is operated by infrared -- rather than radio -- remote control. Control is switchable between A and B "frequencies" so that you can simultaneously operate two tanks at the same time. You and a friend can stage mock battles, firing the cannon at one another as you score hits. Tank and battle sound add to the playtime enjoyment.

The remote is switchable between one- and two-person play. Two joysticks control the two drive motors of the tank, which can steer the vehicle in any direction, including 360 degree circles (turn in place). Pushbuttons rotate the cannon turret, which raises and lowers as it moves.


  • Length: 12" (not including turret)
  • Vehicle body width: 4"
  • Height: 4.5"
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Batteries: 10 AA (not included; 7 for tank, 3 for remote)

The tank treads are modestly compliant, and in our tests we found the tank could reasonably travel over many types of floors, including low-nap carpet, tile, wood, concrete, grass, and dirt. We think this is one of the nicer remote controlled tanks available, and we've looked at our share!

May need to ship by UPS!

SKU Number:RC-405
Price: $32.95

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