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  Hercules 4WD Trick Monster Vehicle (with sound!)

INCLUDES 7.2v battery and recharger!

The Hercules is a 4-wheel drive vehicle, with an attitude. When it's not making Godzilla sounds, it's racing across the room at breakneck speeds, running from its rechargeable 1500 amp-hour batter (included, with charger). Bright red headlights give this beast a sinister look, as it appears to hunt down its prey: cats, dogs, people, you name it!

The radio remote control is 4-channel, with joystick control for forward/reverve and for right/left steering. A toggle button on the remove raises and lowers the vehicle on its wheelbase. A fourth button actuates the giant reptile sounds.

Hercules measures (approximately): 9" high, 14" wide, and 16" long, and weights 4.5 pounds. The 7.2 volt 1500 mAh fast-charge ni-cad battery pack is INCLUDED, as is the charger. The battery pack uses Tamiya-style connector.

Herecules is very hackable! See our RC Hackables page for more information.

MUST ship by UPS!

SKU Number:RC-322
Price: $59.95

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