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  Hercules 4WD Trick Monster Vehicle (with sound!)

INCLUDES 7.2v battery and recharger!

The 4WD Hercules is a 4-channel radio remote control vehicle, and comes with a rechargeable battery and recharger. See the main listing for the Hercules in our Radio Control category.

The Hercules can be readily adapted to autonomous robot control with just a few easy modifications. The molded top cover comes off by removing three screws (one is hidden under the main decal). You can then gain access to the main radio control board (located under the black cover in the photo on the left), and tap into the power leads for the three motors. Two of the motors control the right and left side drive wheels, and a third motor raises and lowers the vehicle on its wheelbase carriage.

Additional body parts can be removed as desired. The front and back bumpers can also be removed. Small rollers integrated into these bumpers push the Hercules away from objects as it encounters them. An additional small bumper on the back of the vehicle can be removed, leaving a base of that's about 9" long.

There is plenty of mounting space on top of the vehicle for a microcontroller, camera, and other electronics. And of course you can use the three screw holes in the body of the vehicle for adding your own decks.

The wheels are a unique feature of the Hercules. The wheel surface is rubber, and is in the shape of a truncated sphere. The shape aids in providing ample contact area for the wheels as the wheelbase carriage raises up and down. The wheels measure 4" in diameter, and the rubber tire portion is 2 1/2" wide.

Hercules is well-made internally. All motor connections are shielded and grounded. A set of three filter capacitors are used on the motors to reduce EMF interference.

MUST ship by UPS!

SKU Number:RC-322
Price: $59.95

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