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  Robot Builder's Bonanza, 3rd Edition

New, and signed by the author! (Well, one of them anyway)

Robot Builder's Bonanza 3rd Edition is, well, the third version of my classic book on hobby robot building. I wrote the first one in mid-1985, using materials found mostly at the local Orchard Hardware Supply store. Back then there were no microcontrollers, and the best parts were available through a couple of mail order outfits that had only -- get this! -- printed catalogs. No Web, no Google, no nothing. Dark days, indeed.

The concept of Robot Builder's Bonanza was to provide "little nuggets" of inspiration for individuals with the same curiosity as myself about making a Metal Man. RBB has always been about inspiration, and one of the most gratifying things of my life is knowing several hundred thousand people have purchased and read my book, and were hopefully inspired by it.

In 2000 I updated RBB for a second edition, greatly expanding the coverage and bringing amateur robotics, at least my view of it, into the 21st century. McGraw-Hill, my publisher, wanted a third edition, but by then I was running Budget Robotics, and it was consuming all my free time. So they added a second author, Myke Predko, who has written numerous books on microcontrollers. He contributed all the new material for the third edition.

I have a number of copies of these available, and I'll ruin each one by signing it for you. Or, you can pay another $10 for an unsigned copy! (Just kidding.)

Price: $24.95

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