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  Robot Builder's Sourcebook

New, signed by the author!

Robot Builder's Sourcebook was inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog, except that instead of a room full of crazy people writing about things, this book was created by one crazy person writing about things -- me.

RBS is the size and girth of a telephone book, and it leverages the Internet to expose some 2,500 sources for robot projects. Rather than just list things alphabetically, RBS categorizes them, and includes company names, Web site addresses, and often addresses and phone numbers. Short descriptions are included with most of the listings, and there are numerous articles and sidebars throughout the book that explain terms, products, and technologies. None of these things do you get from a Google search alone, and that was the idea behind writing the book.

Robot Builder's Sourcebook is getting a little on in age: it came out in August 2002. And while some of the companies and Web sites are no longer online, you'll be able to use the book as a springboard for locating listings for the latest offerings. Not everyone knows what things are called, and throughout RBS there are example Google searches on how to locate more resources.

Knowledge is power.

Price: $19.95

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