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  Electronics for Dummies

New. Signed by author Gordon McComb.

I've always admired the Forrest Mims books and articles on electronics. For years Forrest contributed to the various electronics magazines, as well as several books for Radio Shack (as did I; I penned about six books for them over the years). When Wiley approached me to do Electronics for Dummies, I immediately accepted, seeing the book as a kind of homage to Forrest. I dedicated the book to him, as well as to my father, who gave me my first taste of electronics fever.

Joining me on this book is first-time book author Earl Boysen. Earl did a fantastic job, and apparently liked the process so much he's gone on to write two more 'For Dummies' books for Wiley. His Building Gadgets Web page serves as a support portal for his books.

Electronics for Dummies covers the very basics of electronics, including component types and identification, how to solder, how to use a meter, and other subjects you'd expect in a book of its ilk. It's for the raw beginner, and being a 'For Dummies' book, is written as a reference. There is a chapter on robot building, using the BASIC Stamp microcontroller as the main brain.

Price: $18.99

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