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  4-Wheel Drive Unit

Introducing the big and beefy 4-Wheel Drive Unit! Only from Budget Robotics.

The 4-Wheel Drive Unit provides true independent four-wheel drive, via four pre-modified high-torque R/C servos. Each servo turns a large 3 3/4" diameter wheel. Overall dimensions of the 4-Wheel Drive Unit is 9 3/8" long, 6 3/4" wide, and 3 1/2" high.

The rubber wheels are designed to fit directly onto the R/C servos, using supplied hardware. The 4-Wheel Drive Unit comes with all hardware to construct the basic platform shown on the left:

  • Four pre-modified standard-size R/C servos, each delivering 57 oz-in of torque at 6vdc.
  • Four rubber "balloon" tires, with servo mounts
  • Expanded PVC plastic side panels
  • Expanded PVC plastic sub-base -- mount your own larger base on top of this, or select our pre-cut bases specially designed for the 4-Wheel Drive Unit!
  • Set of 6 standoffs for the sub-base
  • All mounting hardware for the above

The 4-Wheel Drive Unit provides the ultimate in expandability. You can attach your own larger base over the unit, or choose one of the Expansion Deck options: Bottom deck, or both bottom and top deck. Each deck measures 7" by 9 3/8", providing over 66 square inches of mounting space. The top/bottom Expansion Deck option also includes a set of four 1 3/4" long aluminum standoffs, with hardware. With both the top and bottom expansion decks installed, you have over 132 square inches of space, for such things as microcontrollers, battery packs, grippers, cameras, and more.

Height of the 4-Wheel Drive Unit with just the bottom Expansion Deck is 4 1/4". Height with both bottom and top Expansion Decks is 6 1/4". Total weight (all body parts, motors, wheels, top and bottom Expansion Decks) is 2 pounds 4 ounces. The unit is able to adequately carry an additional 3-5 pounds, depending on terrain.

The 4-Wheel Drive Unit is designed to be controlled via an R/C receiver with at least two channels, or a microcontroller that has at least two output pins programmed to operate standard R/C servos. When used with a two-channel receiver, or a microcontroller with two output pins, a Y-harness must be supplied to split the signal to the two sets of motors on each side of the drive unit. (The motors on each side of the drive receive the same signal.) Alternatively, you may use a four-channel receiver, with each channel operating a different motor. The same approach may be used with a microcontroller with four separate output pins.

Available in colors: Black, marine blue, red, green, and yellow. Choose from the pulldown list below.

SKU Number:DR-250

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