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Futaba-Spline Servo Arm/Horn Assortment   Futaba-Spline Servo Arm/Horn Assortment

This assortment, which fits Futaba and Futaba-spline compatible servos, contains the following:
  • Small X-horn
  • X-horn
  • Large wheel
  • 6-star horn
  • Double-arm horn
  • Servo mounting grommets (4)
  • Servo mounting eyelets (4)
  • Servo mounting screws (4)
  • Replacement horn mounting screw

The servo arms/horns will fit any Futaba servo, as well as servos that use the Futaba-style spline. These include GWS, Cirrus, and many others.

SKU Number:SRVACC-201
Price: $1.99

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