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  GWS Standard Servo - Modified

Here's a modified version of the GWS S03N standard servo. This servo is already modified for continuous rotation--just plug it into your controller, and go! Our servos use the "JR" connector; brown is ground, red is power, and orange is signal.

Size: 1.55 x 1.40 x 0.79 in
Weight: 1.48 oz
4.8-6v Speed: 0.23-.18 sec/60�
4.8-6v Torque: 47-56 oz-in

Each servo comes with the following control arms/horns and hardware:

  • Small X-horn
  • X-horn
  • Large wheel
  • Small wheel
  • 6-star horn
  • Double-arm horn
  • Servo mounting grommets (4)
  • Servo mounting eyelets (4)
  • Servo mounting screws (4)
  • Horn mounting screws (2)

The S03N uses Futaba spline control horns. This means you can use this servo with a variety of third-party wheels designed to be attached to servos. This includes wheels from Parallax and others.

Note that the modification of this servo does not remove the potentiometer. You are able to use this potentiometer to calibrate the servo with your particular control circuit. This calibration is not necessary for most applications, but it's nice to have the ability when you need it!

SKU Number:SRV-S03N/M
Price: $12.99

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