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  GWS Park L Mini Servo

The GWS Park L is a miniature servo weighing in at only 0.6oz (17 grams). It measures 1.21" x 0.64" x 1.04" and at 6 volts develops 29 oz-in of torque. Speed is 0.10 sec for 60 degree arc. This servo is ideal for those jobs where (small) size matters! Comes with an assortment of three servo horns. Because of the small size of the servo, these horns are also small, and are not Futaba-compatible.

Note that while the the Park L can conceivably be modified for continuous rotation, its construction does not readily lend itself to this task. We advise against modifying this servo, and recommend using it only for standard RC servo tasks.

Price: $11.95

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