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  GWS S666 N-2BBMG Heavy Duty Giant Servo

In this case, the GWS S666 N is not the mark of the beast, but the model number of a powerful king-size servo. This monster measures 2.48" x 1.26" x 2.43", and weighs 6.7 ounces (190 grams). At 6 volts the 666-2BBMG develops a whopping 400 oz-in of torque!

The "2BBMG" nomenclature means this servo has two ball bearings top and bottom (above and below the output gear inside the servo case), and uses metal gears. This servo is ideal for those rugged jobs only a big and beefy servo can deliver. Possible uses include the shoulder or elbow mechanism of a robot arm.

Comes with an assortment of four heavy-duty servo horns.

SKU Number:SRV-666-2BBMG
Price: $42.95

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