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7   7" Circular Base, with Wheel Cutouts

Save time building your next robot with this universal 7" diameter circular base, with cutouts for wheels.

The base is drilled and cut using precision CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment. We use sturdy but lightweight 6mm thick (about 1/4") rigid expanded PVC plastic -- the base can support several pounds, yet it weighs just a few ounces.

A variety of pre-drilled holes are provided for mounting motors*, battery holders, sensors, microcontrollers, standoffs for additional "decks", and other components, and you can readily drill additional holes as needed.

(*Holes are drilled on each side to accommodate our exclusive flange-style servo bracket. Use these brackets to instantly mount R/C servos to your robot base!)

Available in colors. Click here for sample colors (colors are shown approximate). The cutouts will accommodate wheels up to about 2 3/4" in diameter, or larger if the motor shaft is away from the surface of the base.

Buy two of these bases to assemble a "double decker" multi-level robot. Or, combine, with our 7" diameter round base as the second level. Both of these bases are drilled to match holes for standoffs.

SKU Number:KIT185
Price: $7.99

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