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3M Dual Lock, 1-inch Width (sold by the foot)   3M Dual Lock, 1-inch Width (sold by the foot)

Boring product description follows: 3M Dual Lock, 1" wide, black, self-adhesive backing.

Big deal, right? Actually, yes! Dual Lock is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of "hook-and-loop" fasteners. It's used in applications where Velcro--even the industrial stuff--isn't strong enough.

Dual Lock consists of a plastic strip composed of tiny plastic "fibers." These fibers have a kind of ball on the end that is made to engage with other plastic fibers. The result is a secure and strong (yet temporary) joint.

Unlike Velcro, Dual Lock has no separate "hook" and "loop" component. Dual Lock attaches to itself.

You can buy this stuff at some hardware stores as well as Target and other retail outlets, at a cost of about $3 or more a foot. We sell it for less, because we buy it by the roll (which measure over two feet across). You can cut the stuff you get to length using ordinary scissors. Try that with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

The back side of Dual Lock is coated with a very agressive adhesive, which is called into action when you peel off the protective paper. You'll find this adhesive will suffice for most jobs, but if you need something stronger, you can always use epoxy, and even flat-headed screws.

Now, what would you use Dual Lock for? It's strong enough to attach motors, battery packs, and even casters to the base of your robots. Stick one piece of Dual Lock to the base of a walking machine, and another to the side of a servo, and you instantly build yourself a motor mount.

The photo to the left demonstrates Dual Lock used to mount a standard-size R/C servo onto a plastic robot base.

Price: $1.99

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