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Scooterbot II   Scooterbot II

The Scooterbot has long been one of our most popular robots. We've taken the best features of the original Scooterbot and added some additional touches. This super-affordable 7-inch diameter expandable robot base is complete with:

  • Two already-modified R/C servo motors (they're ready-to-run--no disassembly or soldering required). Click here for technical specifications for the servos we use.
  • Two heavy-duty 2 1/2" diameter rubber-treaded wheels
  • Precision cut double-decker base made with rigid expanded PVC--strong but very light
  • 2" risers for the second deck
  • Adjustable-height balancing skids
  • All hardware

Just add brains, like the OOPic R from Savage Innovations, and you're ready to go! The Scooterbot II kit will also work with dozens of microcontrollers, such as the Basic Stamp, Parallax Board of Education, IsoPod, Basic Micro Atom, OOPic I and II, BasicX, SIMMStick, PIC, AVR, and many others.

The Scooterbot II is easy to assemble--takes less than 20 minutes, and requires only a screwdriver.

Teachers: The kit can be completely disassembled for classroom use. No glues or tapes! You can purchase one Scooterbt II kit for the class, and students can take turns building it. When they're done, just take it apart for the next set of students.

Sturdy hardware construction
throughout--no Velcro or glues.

The base panels are designed with 3D CAD, and cut using a high-speed precision computer-controlled router. Mounting holes are provided, and you can readily cut and drill the panels to suit your needs. The body of the Scooterbot II is made with rigid expanded PVC. This material provides the perfect balance between light weight, strength, and ease of modification--we recommend it over acrylic or even aluminum.

Extra decks are available if you need 'em, and the decks include the riser hardware.

Please select the color you want. Click here for sample colors (colors shown are approximate).

Scooterbots are inexpensive enough to use them in team sports and "hive mentality" robot experiments. Get several and have them work together. With a wide variety of colors available, you can readily identify team members.

Note: Illustrations show a different wheel than what is now included in the Scooterbot II kits. We now include a pair of our rugged Double O-Wheel wheels.

SKU Number:KIT250-II
Sale Price: $54.95 (Regular Price:$57.95)

Extra Scooterbot II deck   Extra Scooterbot II deck

This is an extra deck for the Scooterbot II robot base. Comes with aluminum standoffs and super-lightweight nylon machine screws. Select the color of the plastic.

You can stack decks as high as you want, but the practical maximum is three. Each deck provides ample pre-drilled holes, and you can readily drill your own.

SKU Number:KIT251-II
Price: $9.95

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