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Introducing the Tankbot XL, the latest addition to the Budget Robotics line of Tankbot tracked robot bases!

The Tankbot XL gives you everything you need to start building your own sturdy servo-motor robotic tracked vehicle, and with a free bonus: We give you TWO sets of body panels to build either of the tracked bases you see on the left! Build the "standard" base, ideal for all surfaces except high-friction floors. Or build the "flip" base, which sports a shorter tread contact area. With less tread contacting the ground, the flip base is better suited for tough surfaces like concrete and hardwood.

Here's what you get with the Budget Robotics Tankbot XL kit:

  • Two R/C servos (56 oz-in torque), already modified for continuous rotation. No disassembly or soldering required.
  • A set of our exclusive rubber treads. The treads measure 3/4" wide by approximately 21" circumference. Our treads have molded-in rubber cleats on the outside, and sturdy sprocket teeth on the inside. The teeth positively engage the drive sprocket, which is attached to the output of the servo motor. (If you are interested in just the treads, we sell them separately as well!)
  • Precision drilled and cut plastic base panels in two versions: the standard tracked model, and the flip model. Choose the model you want, and start building! Each set of base panels consist of two sides, and a deck for mounting batteries and electronics. The panels are made from expanded PVC plastic, sturdy and light weight. Expanded PVC is readily drilled or cut using ordinary shop tools, letting you customize your Tankbot XL the way you want it.
  • All assembly hardware.
  • Illustrated assembly instructions.

Tankbot XL constructed using the "standard" tracked base parts.
Tread contact area is 7" long, which gives this base high stability,
but makes for tougher turning over high-friction floors.

Tankbot XL constructed using the "flip" base parts. Tread contact
area is 3" or 5" long, depending on the orientation of the robot.
With less rubber contacting the ground, this version of the Tankbot XL
is able to steer over a wide variety of floors, including cement,
hardwood, grass, dirt, and carpet.

The assembled Tankbot XL measures 5" wide by 10" long. The standard tank base is 3" high, and the flip tank base is 2 1/2" high. For both models the track clearance height (distance from the ground, to the bottom of the robot) is 3/8". Weight is one pound (approximately 470 grams).

The deck of the standard base measures 2 1/2" by 8 1/2", or a total surface area of over 21 square inches. Large enough to accommodate a battery pack, a microcontroller board, gripper or camera, and various sensors. There is also ample room on the underside of the deck, with a healthy 1 1/2" of clearance between the bottom of the deck and the ground.

The deck of the flip base is slightly smaller, measuring 2 1/2" by 7 1/2" inches (18.75 square inches surface area). As with the standard base, clearance between the bottom of the deck and the ground is 1 1/2", so you can put additional goodies under the deck as well as on top of it.

Tankbot XL uses two powerful 56 oz-in servo motors.
The motors turn at about 1 rps under normal load, giving the
Tankbot XL an approximate travel speed of about 4-6 inches
per second.

Need more space for additional electronics? No problem! We offer 2nd decks for those times when you need more room. The decks come in two versions: narrow and wide. Both versions of the 2nd decks include the pre-drilled and pre-cut plastic body piece, plus a set of four 1 3/4" aluminum standoffs, with mounting hardware.

  • The narrow 2nd deck measures 2 1/2" wide by 10" long (25 square inches of surface area).
  • The wide 2nd deck measures 5" by 10" (50 square inches of surface area).

Please note that by necessity the mounting holes are different between the standard and flip versions of the Tankbot XL. Please be sure to indicate which type(s) of 2nd decks you wish, so that the mounting holes are sure to match the version of the robot you are assembling.

The teeth of the drive sprocket positively engage
the rubber treads. The treads measure 3/4" wide,
and are approximately 21" in circumference.

The Tankbot XL doesn't include "smarts" -- add a microcontroller of your choice. Most microcontrollers can operate R/C servo motors with no additional circuitry required. Assembly is straight-forward, and takes less than one hour. There are no glues or tapes, so the Tankbot XL may be fully disassembled and reassembled.

Available in colors. Don't forget to choose your favorite!

SKU Number:KIT422
Price: $79.95

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