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  The Big Gripper

Introducing our new and exclusive Big Gripper. Big as in gripping capacity, not in price!

Big Gripper's "fingers" measure almost 3" long, and open wide enough to grasp a 12 ounce beverage can or tennis ball! At its widest the fingers open to about 2 1/2" inches. The gripper is operated by an R/C servo. You can purchase the Big Gripper kit with or without the servo; price WITH the servo is just $24.95. The Big Gripper kit is assembled in under 20 minutes, and requires only ordinary hand tools for construction. All hardware parts are included, along with an illustrated assembly guide.

The body of the Big Gripper is made with rugged but lightweight PVC plastic, custom-machined using computer CNC equipment. You may select from a variety of colors for the gripper body. The "fingers" are molded high impact plastic, and come in black only. To provide you the ultimate in experimenting freedom, you may purchase extra gripper fingers separately.

Mounting holes are provided for attaching Big Gripper to the body of a robot. Or, you may attach Big Gripper to another servo, to act as a wrist. Rubber pads are permanently mounted to the inside fingertips of Big Gripper. For heavier and larger items, especially those with smooth surfaces, you may want to add rubber cushions over the length of the fingers; experiment with materials and techniques. (Suggestions include rubber bands and cut-up nitrile or latex gloves -- the little finger of the glove is just about the right size.)

Big Gripper measures 6" long, 2 3/4" wide, and 1 1/4" thick (with servo the total thickness is 2"). Weight with servo is 3.7 ounces. Lifting capacity is 8-12 ounces, but is conservatively limited by the wrist mechanism you use, if any. Full-open to full-close of the fingers requires approximately 90 degrees of servo rotation.

Note: If you decide to use your own servo with Big Gripper, be sure it is standard size, with a standard mounting flange. And be sure it has at least 45 ounce-inch of torque. For reference, the servo provided in the Big Gripper "Kit with Servo" package provides 57 oz-in at 6 vdc. The servo horns included with the kit are designed to fit Futaba and Futaba-compatible servos. If you use a Hitec or Airtronics servo, you must also provide your own servo horns.

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